Flex Lifting Floor Cranes

Partnered with Crane Check Lifting Services,Flex Lifting’s wide range of mini cranes, the application possibilities are endless. From motor lifting and die positioning to handling heavy loads,our lifting solutions can help you get the job done efficiently and ergonomically with total safety.Our counterbalanced workshop cranes are ideal for lifting and depositing loads in from of loading ramps and machines.Industrial version for frequent use in the workshop,production and many other lifting and transport processes.The mini cranes impress with their compact dimensions and low dead weight with good performance values. Flex Lifting delivers ergonomic handling solutions for lifting materials up to 2 tons. Our manual cranes and electric pick & carry cranes can be customized to your specifications to make lifting easier and limit the risk of musculoskeletal disorders for the operator.Flex Lifting cranes are distributed in many countries thanks to capillary distribution network which guarantees our customers excellent local support.

The Mission for Flex Lift
Develop lifting and material handling solutions in full compliance with worker safety regulations and with full respect for the environment.

Manual traction crane
The most economical and efficient solution of guarantee the safety and flexibility of every lifting and load handling operation .
Capacity from 200 to 1,000kg , Revolving and with fixed column.

Electric traction crane
Maximum technology and performance. With single ,double or triple electric extension.Minimum overall dimensions and management costs.For intensive and heavy use.
Electric traction with two proportional speeds.Load capacities up to 2,000kg

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