Lifting Chains and Components

For years KWB/Pewag sling chains have been synonymous for quality and a guarantee for absolute safety.

Constant extension and expansion of KWB’S lifting product programs over time , has enabled Crane Check Lifting Service to offer a streamlined and top of the range products, tailored to meet the growing global demand for top-quality lifting equipment.

We at Crane Check Lifting in partnership with KWB /Pewag offer quality at the highest level.


  • Use of high grade steels and alloys
  • Production on specially developed bending and welding machines in Europe

  • Process controlled heat and surface procedures
  • Continuous quality control (ISO 9001,9002) ongoing research and development of the product
  • Worldwide distribution

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Lifting Chains and Components - Lifting Chains, Shackles, Clutches and Hooks

Lifting Chains, Shackles, Clutches and Hooks

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