Jib Crane Systems

Our standard range of Jib Cranes are a perfect handling solution for supporting hoists, tool balancers, air balancers, vacuum lifters and welding equipment used in a close work area. Depending on the style of jib crane these are available with rotations up to 360°. The Jib Arm rotation and trolley travel are both smooth and effortless, allowing users maximum control with minimal effort, increasing productivity giving companies a prompt return on investment.


  • Floor & Wall Mounted options available
  • Capacities up to 5000kgs
  • Spans up to 6m
  • Floor Mounted Rotation up to 360°
  • Pillar and Wall Mounted Rotation up to 270°
  • In-track & tagline festoon options
  • Simple to Install

The superior ease of movement means that the users force required to operate the Jib is such that safety is increased and injuries minimized. Floor Mounted Jibs can generally be mounted directly to standard concrete floors without adding special foundations. If foundations are found not to be adequate an intermediate base plate can be provided.


As a supplier of major materials handling projects worldwide, we are well experienced in dealing with turnkey installations where standard cranes are not considered ideal. We believe that providing the customer with the required system configured exactly to their needs is essential to ensure the installed project is ‘fit for purpose’.

For all inquiries please contact our sales team on sales@cranecheck.ie

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