Liftket Electric Hoist

As sole agents for Liftket products in Ireland, Crane Check Lifting Services can offer next day delivery on standard hoists due to our large stock on hand. We can move any load from 125 to 25,000 kg and up to 200 meters high safely and anywhere.

Based In the heart of Germany, Liftket retain over 300 employees to ensure that thousands of electric chain hoists leave the factory every month. Every single one of them was designed, developed, produced and tested with sufficient load bearing capacity.

A unique ID makes it possible to trace exactly when a particular electric chain hoist was built by whom and with which materials – even after 10 years.

Since 1953 Liftket have focused exclusively on the production of electric chain hoists – for any conceivable application. A high vertical range of manufacture and almost limitless costumization capabilities ensure that the electric chain hoists work just the way you want them to.

For all inquiries please contact our team, phone 01-441 0426 or email

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