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The FLEX G500SB crane is a ballasted cantilever slewing crane with electric traction that allows the lifting of loads up to 500 kg.

It is equipped with a 1000mm stroke electric extension that reaches a 1430mm overhang . It is also equipped as standard with an additional mechanical extension with a fixed capacity of 100kg which allows to reach a free overhang of 1930mm.

The rotation of the fifth wheel is manual and is facilitated by 2 handles positioned in the upper part of the captive ballast. The fifth wheel can be locked in 8 different positions.

Equipped with 2 fixed wheels and motor wheel on the steering wheel for easy maneuverability in confined spaces. Equipped with sealed AGM batteries. The lifting, lowering, advancement and retraction of the extension are electric. All movements are adjustable by the operator.

It is a universal mobile crane with unlimited application possibilities. With the FLEX G500SB mini crane , thanks to the 270° rotation, the pieces (moulds, spare parts and any type of load) can be housed on machine tools, shelves, assembly benches and on any site that is difficult to access.

LIMITER OF THE MAXIMUM DYNAMIC LOAD: the FLEX G500SB is equipped as standard with a device which blocks the advancement of the extension if the maximum permitted capacity is exceeded. The only active command remains the descent to bring the arm back to the safety position and reactivate all the functions.

On the steering wheel there is a selector which regulates the traction speed:

  1. “Turtle” position: driving at reduced speed for narrow passages and to move the load safely (max 1.5 km/hr).
  2. “Hare” position: standard and progressive speed driving for long distances (max 3 km/hr)

Safe driving: the special ergonomics allow the operator to grip the tiller with both hands.

2-position key switch
Battery disconnect button, acoustic warning: Horn 24Vdc, complete with anti-disturbance polyester axial capacitor; Multi-voltage LED flashing light from 10 to 100V
Buzzer 24V Intermittent sound when the crane is moving, used to increase operator safety when reversing the vehicle

Pulse model with high frequency 220V single-phase input voltage and 24V output voltage. Microprocessor indicator with relay for blocking lifting
3 LEDs that indicate the operating status. Remote RBC indicator for displaying the battery charger charge phase

Equipped with a 4-position distributor that regulates all boom and extension controls:

  • arm climb,
  • arm descent,
  • Advancement of the extension,
  • Return of the extension.

When the joystick lever moves into the boom up, extension forward and extension down positions, the microswitches automatically activate the motor of the hydraulic unit which allows the movements; The descent takes place by regular fall and with safety devices with the engine off.

The FLEXG500SB model allows you to move and lift loads in full compliance with current regulations for the protection of operator safety.
The hydraulic system is equipped with a block valve which prevents the load from falling in the event of accidental pipe breakage. The pump is equipped with a relief valve which prevents overloading of the machine.


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