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The battery powered mobile crane ORBIT  is a full electric swivel crane with a capacity of 500Kg available in 2 versions: ORBIT 500EL – PROPORTIONAL LEVER CONTROLS ORBIT 500ER – PROPORTIONAL REMOTE CONTROL The ORBIT is equipped with a double electric boom that reaches a free overhang of 2 meters One of the key features of this pick and carry crane is that there are no lateral outriggers, therefore this crane grants max mobility with suspended load. This battery powered mobile crane has an excellent steering angle that allows it to move along the narrow spaces or rotate on its axis in limited spaces. Maximum lifting height 3700 mm. Free overhang (from the end of the base) both lateral and frontal reach up to 2000 mm . Equipped with AGM batteries that can be recharged in areas with limited ventilation. Orbit 500EL and 500ER are a full electric crane that can be used in all sectors being silent, environmentally friendly and zero-emission. In line with Health and Safety international standards (emergency buttons, warning devices, relief and check valves). Both models are equipped with a maximum load dynamic throttling device , which prevents the crane from loading beyond maximum range at each point of the slide by inhibiting the ascent and feed controls until the operator re-enter the load within the permitted limits. They can be equipped with any type of under hook accessory (vacuum lifter, bars, beans, clamps, tilters, permanent magnets and customised solutions) for unlimited applications in a large variety of industries. ORBIT 500EL is equipped with proportional control levers with adjustable speed

  1. controls jib upward/downward motion
  2. controls jib extension & retraction
  3. controls column rotation

ORBIT 500ER is equipped with remote control with proportional and adjustable speed . The remote control handle is equipped with a button , that allows you to activate the proportional control mode.

  1. controls the jib upward/downward motion
  2. controls the jib extension & retraction
  3. controls the column rotation

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