Pakrol™ Trolley Skates With Handle


  • Robust frame
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Nylon wheels with ball bearings (except 8T trolley skate with PU wheels)
  • Trolley skate load plate with ball thrust bearings
  • Optional handle for transport
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CheckboxVariation TitleShort DescriptionPriceQuantity
Pakrol™ Trolley Skates With Handle – WLL 4T WLL 4T, Load bearing area : 360-564, Load bearing area (cm2) : 261 €387
Pakrol™ Trolley Skates With Handle – WLL 8T WLL 8T, Load bearing area : 417-657, Load bearing area (cm2) : 880 €555

The floor should be checked to ensure it has sufficient load-carrying capacity and if necessary flat steel plates should be used to carry the pakrol and load.

The pakrol skates and trolley skates can be used in combination to move loads from 2,000kg to 20,000kg.

Trolley Skates WLL



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