P03.1 – Single row pendant control station with three push buttons for small hoist


Giovenzana International B.V. has over 65 years of experience in designing and manufacturing control stations, providing a wide range of pendant control stations and wall-mounted control stations for auxiliary and direct control, used to command and control industrial machinery.

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Bi-directionality is mechanically interlocked;
IP65 Double insulation (IEC / EN 60529);
Laser engraved symbols according to EN 60204-1, FEM 9.941;
Shock proof and heat resistant;
Available versions: for single or double speed engines and direct control 1 kW – 1 speed;
Available with UL/CSA requirements;
Available upon request also in V0 material, UL approved;
Available in kit version.

Codes configuration
P03.1 – Single speed (MUSHROOM:1NC – UP:1NO – DOWN:1NO)


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